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About Our Brand


The Spotlight Project was founded with a distinct mission in mind:

  • Raise employment for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.
  • Shine a light on their meaningful contributions to society.

Our founder, Rachel, has her doctorate in physical therapy and currently works as a physical therapist in a special needs school treating students up to the age of 21.  Her work in the school system led to her interest in discovering what career opportunities were available to her students as they graduated into the workforce.  What she learned is that the unemployment rate for adults with disabilities is 80%, and many of the jobs available do not offer a creative platform, promote growth, or give the individual a voice to speak.  Based on these findings, she had two choices; dwell on the disappointing reality, or do something to ignite a change. 

This led to the creation of The Spotlight Project.

We’re inspired to create a stage for our members to display their creative talents to the world.  We wish to give them the spotlight, give them a voice, and show society the greatness they can achieve.

Each individual we employ is at the forefront of our brand.  Every member of our team has an intellectual or developmental disability, and a unique story to tell.  You can meet each one of our amazing artisans under the “Meet the Makers” tab.  We encourage you to join our mission to raise employment for such an influential population.


Our brand specializes in handcrafted bracelets.  Each member of our team plays an integral role in all stages of the bracelet making process.  We provide training to each member until they master the art.  They are encouraged to brainstorm color and design ideas, as we aim to inspire creativity and embrace each artisan’s unique style.


  • Embracement - We seek to support and grow each member’s differing ability.  We welcome individuals with a wide range of intellectual and developmental disabilities, as we know everyone has a unique gift to offer.
  • Awareness - We wish to show the world the positive contributions people with differing abilities have on society.  We’re inspired to promote the creation of a world that views all individuals on the same stage. 
  • Unity - We’re in this together.  We promote collaboration; a team effort where everyone supports each other to reach our common goal.  We’re grateful for the individual working beside us.  We are a family.
  • Authenticity - We know who we are, WE’RE REAL.  We’re genuine to our brand, mission and values.  We value our members first and foremost, and in turn they value you, and your support for us.